52 Learnings

I know this isn’t English. But then again, - neither am I. This is a list of insights I’m gaining through these challenges, updated weekly. 

The BIG one:

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The other 51 (weekly additions to follow): 

13. It’s O.K. to be quirky and different. In fact, it is part of your charm!

12. Change doesn’t just happen. We make it happen.

11. You will start to bore yourself with the repetition of what you are doing. But simply because you know and understand it, doesn’t mean anybody else does.

10. A project like this spring-cleans your life. You won’t have time for anything that is not REALLY important.

9. Once your ‘stuff’ is out there in the ether, the most unlikely people come up to you to tell you they love what you are doing.

8. Getting anything published is like throwing spaghetti onto a wall. Very few will stick.

7. Invite others in your life to contribute ideas to whatever you are doing. It gets so much more interesting!

6. Visual aid helps!

5. Always pick tourists, if you need a spare cameraman on the move. They have the most time and think you are “amaaaaazing!”

4. It is not about succeeding. it is about going out there and giving it your best shot.

3. Once you have started doing whatever you were apprehensive of, you forget your fears, because you are so absorbed in the activity.

2. People will invite you to dinner parties, because you have interesting stories to tell.

1. You never know where your next lucky break comes from.