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Hi, I’m Marieluise Maiwald and I’m a passionate Coach and Leadership Development Professional with more then 10 years experience. Born and raised in Germany, I worked, lived and studied in the US, the UK, France and Switzerland.  I have a Masters in HR from Oxford, a myriad of certificates in Coaching, Positive Psychology, Experiential Learning and Assessments. And even worked for Google.

But I felt, that in order to gain the right to ask you to take some big steps in your life, I needed to do the same. And this is how this blog was born!


So if you feel you want to become braver in your life, make some changes or defy gravity in whatever sense you see fit, I offer a myriad of solutions from one-to-one coaching to group workshops – like my ‘Personal Purpose Parties’.

 So please get in touch by using the form below or sending me an e-mail to