Week 2 - In which I got onto my soapbox at speakers corner

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The idea of the following filled me with an expectant glow:

  • Balmy Sunday afternoon
  • Speaker’s Corner – the cradle of free speech in Hyde Park since the 19th century
  • An engaged 1-hour debate about fulfilled and spicy living
  • Flipcharts, party heads, Christmas crackers and balloons (the core ingredients to any good 5-year olds birthday party)


What I had conveniently ignored was:

  • Most people fear public speaking more then they fear death (and I am not excluded from that crowd)
  • Sundays in January are far from being balmy and hover around the 4 degree mark
  • It is much harder then expected to come up with a polished 1-hour speech on the spot without any previous prep or research
  • Flipcharts tend to be ripped about in stormy January weather

But I did it nevertheless. I got the weirdos, the whackys and the everyday hecklers. I was told that 2015 was the last Christmas ever, filmed for a YouTube Channel and challenged to kiss everybody in the crowd on the mouth. I even picked up a date for my Valentine’s Day challenge!

And while it was freezing, it was strangely elating on my little stepladder. My friends had all come out to support me, (or watch me make a huge fool of myself), and helped with getting challenge-suggestions from the crowd, handing out Christmas Crackers and retrieving posted-notes, that were blown away by January gusts. 

My three criteria rating

Thank you for this challenge: Amanda Watts

Tune in next week to hear about the battle of the sexes at Burns Night. 

And please don’t forget to leave me a comment about what you would like me to do next!