Week 7 - In which I enjoyed taking part in a sixtyfour-some

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Stop grinning, it’s not what you think . . .

An Eightsome we did earlier this year at the Lansdowne Club

An Eightsome we did earlier this year at the Lansdowne Club

I’m talking dancing. Scottish country dancing or ‘reeling’ to be more precise. And to continue precise, not to say technical, a Sixtyfoursome is nothing else then 8 Eightsomes danced in unison.

The academic ‘Folk Music Journal’ informs me, that they think of the Eightsome as a “fusion of opposites: the elegant quadrille with its French roots and the energetic reel native to Scotland”. It evolved in the mid-1880s to the late 1890s, and albeit it’s comparatively young age has been enshrined as a 'national' dance of Scotland.

It is unique in so far, that intertwined with the regulated communal parts of the reel, it allows for (sometime wild) individual display of dancing prowess in the middle of the circle.


Herding 64 sheep

Now imagine sixty-four, well-educated, sometimes strong-willed individuals of both sexes being instructed on how to move in unison. My greatest respect and admiration goes out to John Carver of London Reels, who through a variety of Google docs, Facebook groups, instruction videos and a standing plan managed this herculean task.

And what can I say, I think the end result is pretty presentable. 128-some anybody?

Thank you London Reels for this amazing challenge.

Please stay tuned for next week’s blog, when I am founding a micronation.